The Department of Radio diagnosis from its inception, continues to play an important and significant role in the over all health care and academic activities of the Institute.


The Department of Radio diagnosis is headed by Dr. P.Raghuram (MBBS, MDRD), who is the Professor & Head of the Department.  He heads a team of dedicated and qualified Doctors,  trained technicians and other staffs.


The Department is well equipped with various Imaging Equipment such as conventional and multi slice Whole Body CT Scanners, Ultrasound equipments with color Doppler,  X-Ray Machines like 500 MA X-Ray Unit with fluoroscopy, Three Portable X-Ray Units and a  Mammography unit are  available.The Department of Radiodiagosis also has PACS facility by which it provides digital films .


The Department has a full fledged Seminar room with a dedicated computer for teaching programme for DNB students.  It also has class rooms for practical discussions of x.ray films, CT and MRI films.  


During the year: patients are referred to the institute for Investigation from all over Karnataka State as well as from neighboring states. Tests are performed for  various types of malignant disorders. Institute patients and referral patients from other hospitals are being regularly investigated.




  1. The department is an accredited DNB training center for DNB Radio diagnosis for two  primary and post DMRD candidates. Teaching program Seminars/Case Presentation/Faculty Teaching is undertaken regularly for the students.


  1. B.Sc., medical Technology (Radiodignosis) Course-3 Years is run by the department under RGUHS Several batches of Students are going through this course, which is of 3 Years  duration.


  1. Post Graduate, Under Graduate Students from various Ayurvedic and Unani Colleges and Nursing Colleges are trained in various departments of  the Institute including Radiodiagnosis.


  1.  Post Graduate students of various other Departments in the Institute Vis.,, (Surgical oncology) MD., (Radiotherapy), DM., (Medical Oncology) Other B.Sc., Courses are also regular postings in the department of Radiodignosis.


  1.  Radiologists and Radiographers of other institutions are given specialized training specifically in Ultrasonography and CT Scanner.         


  1. Similarly MD and DMRD students from various MCI recognized institutes are posted on rotation basis in the department


7.     Regular training for  WHO fellowship in the department of Radio diagnosis is conducted to the Senior Radiologists from all over India selected by the WHO Fellowship for six months.


Interactive discussions within departmental and interdepartmental Residents and Faculty is main stay of knowledge transfer.


Work load in Department:


Department of Radiodiagnosis does nearly 200 radiographs, special investigations including barium studies, minimum of 50 ultrasound case; 5-7 mammograms, with sono mammography correlation, 3-5 ultrasound neck and scrotum cases,1-2  Doppler cases  as well as upto 10 -  15 ultrasound guided FNAC are done per day in the department. 15-20 CT scans are done per day as well as 5 7  CT  RT  planning is  also done. 4-6  CT guided FNAC / Biopsy are performed on every alternate days. 15-20  CT / MRI scans done from outside institutions of Oncology cases  are reviewed in the Department per day.