Head & Neck Oncology

Introduction: The department of Head & Neck Oncology at Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology is one of the progressive department of the Cancer Institute attending to nearly 2,500 new patient with head and neck cancers. The department runs OPD on all working days and has six operating rooms doing major surgical work department is equipped with state of the art CO2 laser machine, high end operating microscope, Microdill, Xenon head light, as well the minor OT which attends to diagnostic work ie, nasal endoscopic biopsy, direct laryngoscopic biopsy, dressings throughout the week. OPD is equipped with modern ENT examination tables, 00 nasal endoscopes, 900 Hopkins endoscope.

The department has been the source of training, research and education in the field of head and neck surgical oncology and is credited with over 70 publications in peer review National and International Journal. Dr Ashok M Shenoy, Prof & Head, Department is the presently director of the Kidwai Memorial Institute of Onclogy. 

Departmental Staff:

Dr Ashok M Shenoy, Prof & Head, MS, FRCS

Dr Nanjundappa, Professor, MS

Dr Rajshekhar Halkud , Asst Prof, MS

Dr Krishnappa , Asst Prof, MS

Dr Purushottam Chavan , Asst prof, MS

Dr Vishal Rao ,Asst Surgeon, MS

Dr Sriprakash , Resident Surgeon

Dr Shantanu Panja , Resident Surgeon, MS

Dr Tripti , Resident Surgeon, MDS